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PSS İstanbul

As PSS Istanbul, we are a pioneer in the field of information technologies and have a team that is passionate about providing innovative solutions. PSS Istanbul was established with the mission of pushing the boundaries of the IT world and accelerating the digital transformation of the business world.


To provide innovations that add value to our customers by using the latest technologies to help businesses increase their competitive advantage in the digitalizing world.


To enable our customers to make their businesses more efficient and competitive by offering solutions specific to their needs.


Optimalscan is an online compliance service paltform that protects you from Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) sanctions.

Optimalscan Anti-Money Laundering AML


Anti-Money Laundering AML/CFT Solutions

Person or Organization Screening

Search your customers and business partners by name, ID, passport number or email phone information from our constantly updated Sanctions and PEP lists using easy to use dashboard or Enterprise AML API

Anti-Money Laundering AML API

You can use our reliable web services so that you can easily sunction screen AML/CFT on other systems you use.

Adverse Media Screening

Reduce your risks even more by screening your customers and partners for negative news globally

Batch Transfer from File

Transferring the information of your customers and business partners with an excel file, download all sunction screen pdf result reports generated in indexed zip file

Ready to Use AML Software on Cloud

All of our AML/CFT solutions are provided as cloud services at local service providers.

Archive Services

If requested, the sunction screening results and pdf reports can be archived in a way that can be accessed whenever desired with the help of the dashboard.


The Best AML/CFT Solutions Must Have


AML/CFT screens should be fast enough to not harm customer relations and brand image


Sanction Screening results and reports must be reliable, mistakes slow down the business process and add to cost


While AML/CFT screen systems do have costs, their faster speeds, improved accuracy and better utilization of compliance resources provide better return and improve scalability


As regulations constantly change, AML/CFT systems need to change accordingly to ensure compliance


AML/CFT systems often use APIs to easily add functionality. With new AML APIs added all the time, new capabilities are delivered with a simple integration.

Customer Experience

The entire process is internet-only thus delivering a smooth, convenient experience.

Tracking and Reporting

AML/CFT compliance auditing, monitoring and reporting systems provide opportunities for optimization and strategic analysis


Your compliance and legal teams are highly paid, intelligent and valuable resources. AML/CFT screen systems enable a better work environment resulting in a more engaged work force.



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Optimalscan AML/CFT Solutions

Optimalscan Anti-Money Laundering AML Dashboard

Easy sanction screening with the help of dashboard and AML API

Sanction screening with batch import from Excel file

Sanction screening on all global and local sanction lists, PEP's lists at the same time

Constantly updated database

Adverse Media negative news screening

Detailed result report in PDF format for each sanction screen

Accessing the results of past sanction screens and reports

Archiving on the basis of periodic and batch sanction screening

Bulk download of archived sanction screens in indexed zip file

Your achievements

Why Should You Use Optimalscan AML Solution Services?

Ready to Use

Get ready for compliance audits in a short time without incurring project cost and time

Be Prepared for Audits

You can feel yourself well prepared for all compliance audit

Use Your Time and Resources Correctly

Instead of screening sanctions lists, direct your experienced team to jobs with high added value, our AML/CFT solutions can make sanctions screening in seconds

Secure Yourself Protect

Revealing that your customers and business partners are on the sanctions list can damage your reputation and your business, protect the reputation of your brand

Provide Cost Control

Stay within your budget with predictable usage costs. Cost effective AML solutions is here

Avoid Risks

Protect yourself from risks by knowing your customers (KYC) and business partners

Usefull Links

Usefull Links

Useful Informations

For extensive information about MASAK, BIST, SPK, KVKK, Competition, Sectoral Institutional Compliance, Legislation Follow-up, Training, Implementation, Current Developments, New Products, AML Solutions...


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Optimalscan Anti-Money Laundering AML Services

Sanction Screening

Optimalscan Dashboard

Optimalscan Anti-Money Laundering AML Services

Batch Sanction Screening

Optimalscan Dashboard

Optimalscan Anti-Money Laundering AML Services

Archive Sanction Screening

Optimalscan Dashboard

Optimalscan Anti-Money Laundering AML Services

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Optimalscan Dashboard



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